Shanghai Medical Instruments (Group) Ltd., Corp. Surgical Instruments Factory was founded in 1929 with more than 1200 employees committed to serve healthcare professionals and their patients. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Surgical Instruments factory is a unit of Shanghai Medical Instruments (Group) Ltd., Corp. The factory covers an area of 38490 square meters in which the construction area is 29457 square meters. We produce and sell more than 10 million instruments every year.

     "JZ" (abbr. for "JinZhong" which means "Golden Bell" in Chinese) Brand has a long history of nearly 80 years. "JZ" surgical instruments hold leading status in domestic market. Besides a stable customer basis in domestic, our instruments are exporting to many countries and regions. Our business includes the processing of sample, roughcast and customized products from the customers.

With available measures and strict control of every product, "JZ" surgical instruments stands for reliability and high reputation. Market being the guidance, we are doing our best to meet customers' requirements. Wherever you are, you deserve our best service because we are "From Shanghai, For the world!".

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